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The Emotional Eating Solution:
Achieve weight loss and control
from the Comfort of Home.

"There is no way to say how much this meant to me. I feel like it saved my life."

"The answers were my own...not a formula or food plan, my own thoughts extracted by the questioning process."

"I am truly floored that an online program has been more beneficial than anything else human I've tried!!!! In these three months I have lost 20 lbs."

The online program
The Shrink Yourself online program uncovers the issues behind your emotional eating, then provides you with the tools to handle them in a confident new way, leaving you with the ability to eat for health and simple pleasure again, and remain in control of your weight.
Step 1
Laying the Foundation
In this session, you will learn what specific behaviors you need to change in order to lose weight for life. This will serve as your guide throughout the program. We'll also look at your motivations to diet and make sure they don't fade away. After this session, you'll have a solid foundation for your efforts over the next twelve weeks.
Step 2
Your Emotional Eating Profile
In this session, you're going to start learning more about emotional eating. We'll help build your personal Emotional Eating profile so you can see how emotional eating works in your life. We're also going to identify your "sore spots"- what kinds of behavior push your buttons and tempt you to turn to food for comfort.
Step 3
Good Options for Bad Feelings
If you don't learn how to cope without overeating, it will be very difficult to lose weight for life. During this session, you will learn new ways to cope with negative feelings so you won't have to turn to food for comfort. You'll also develop simple, new ways to handle your sore spots that don't involve food.
Step 4
The Truth About Your Feelings
Whether you know it or not, on some level you are actually afraid of your own feelings. You may feel it is too dangerous to explore your feelings and find out what they are trying to tell you, but until you do, these feelings are not going to go away. This week we want to help you overcome your fear of your feelings.
Step 5
Your Life, Friends & Family
When relationships are on the rocks, emotional hunger is there. In this session, we'll take a look at your relationship skills and defenses. By taking a hard look at yourself in this way, you can improve yourself and your relationships at the same time, give emotional hunger the boot in the process.
Step 6
A Relationship Fixer-Upper
Since relationships are such a big component of emotional hunger, we devote two sessions to the subject. In this session, we use what you learned the previous five weeks to help you heal a specific relationship. We'll teach you the necessary steps to get any friendship or relationship back on track.
Step 7
Treating Yourself Well
Just as relationships with others are a source of emotional hunger, your relationship to yourself is as well. We'll take a look at how you handle unfulfilled needs and how you can better handle your self-doubts. We'll make sure your relationship to yourself doesn't feed your emotional hunger anymore.
Step 8
Growth Without Weight Gain
Ignoring your hunger to be who you want to be causes a lot of emotional hunger. In this session, you will look at specific actions you can take to regain the momentum in your life. This will give you the hope and optimism to keep moving forward—this is the key to ending emotional hunger.
Step 9
Dropping Food as a Protection
The Rebellious Self is the part of you that doesn't want to lose weight, and is the part of you that sabotages your diet. Part of the Rebellious Self tries to use food to protect you. In this session, we'll help you uncover how you use food as a protection. Exposing this habit will free you from needing food to feel safe.
Step 10
Accepting the New You
Whenever you try to change yourself, the Rebellious Self gets scared. It tells you that you can't succeed, or that it's too dangerous to continue because something bad might happen. In this session, we'll help you overcome this tendency to reject the new and improved you.
Step 11
Ending Food Fights
Your Rebellious Self uses food to stay overweight in order to fight some battle you have with the world or with your family. Instead of letting you express your anger in a direct way, it expresses anger through your weight. We'll help you stop fighting battles with food so you can lose weight and keep it off.
Step 12
Your Secrets Unlocked
This is the week that you put together everything you learned over the last eleven weeks. By the end of this session you'll have unlocked all the secrets to living thin. Plus, you'll possess a printable and totally personalized growth and development plan to keep. That way you'll never forget the secrets you unlock at Shrink Yourself.
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