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The emotional eating problem:
8 significant health & weight

"I don't know how to talk to anyone about it because I am so ashamed...I don't want to be fat anymore."

"I NEVER binge around my husband, family or friends...only when I'm home alone...I feel so guilty and embarrassed!"

"I can eat 50 cookies and still want more. It is an obsession really."

The reality
Everyone is an emotional eater to some extent. There are times when we need the relief, reward and distraction food can provide. But if it is too strong a habit, emotional eating becomes a problem that must be addressed—or else it can last a lifetime, and make life too difficult in the following ways...
Excess weight
The body is not designed to carry excess weight. Extra weight causes medical problems as well as wear and tear on all the body parts.
Frustration & shame
You keep failing at trying to control your weight which only leads to further feelings of shame and frustration for your continued failure.
Social consequences
When you're overweight, you have to deal with other people's judgements, suggestions, and insensitive remarks, which is a lot of work.

Obsessive preoccupation
As an emotional eater, too much of your life energy is spent worrying about food, planning what you can or cannot eat, when you eat, and what food is doing to you.
Interfering with future
There are deeper aspects of emotional hunger that affect your future. There are parts of yourself to be re-discovered, parts that are being buried with food.
When you shut off your mind by eating, you sabotage your chances of solving the problems that cause you stress, only serving to prolong it.

Stuck in the past
Much of the cause of overeating can be traced back to past pain—which you're repeating unnecessarily in the present—and interfering with the natural growth process.
You feel guilty when you binge, sneak food, or binge and purge.
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