Hello, I'm Dr. Roger Gould, creator of the Pocket Hunger Coach.

Expertly Manage Your Hunger 24/7

The Pocket Hunger Coach interrupts a food craving with a real-time session that can quickly take you from a state of temptation to a state of control, empowering you with the insight and calm to make a positive food choice that is naturally reinforced with every use.

Professionally Guided

The Pocket Hunger Coach will expertly guide you to successful hunger management. I've put over 30 years of research and experience into this highly intuitive interface.

My very best to you,
Dr. Roger Gould

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Note -

  • If you do not have email set up on your mobile device, you will need to go to www.pockethungercoach.com and click the "Mobile" icon on the bottom left.
  • The Pocket Hunger Coach syncs seamlessly between all your devices so you can access your progress wherever, whenever. Just use your sign-in on all devices.

What others like you have said about the Pocket Hunger Coach

"This was insanely awesome! I was supposed to go out with friends and I was feeling depressed so I canceled. I did the questionnaire and realized why I wanted to stuff my face out and why I was feeling depressed! Now I'm ready to go out:)"

"This app is amazing! It helped me reflect on what was really going on when the food thoughts were consuming my thinking. And it provided an opportunity to do things differently. Seeing my feelings, my options, and possible solutions in black and white was very powerful! And completing the questions and reading through my answers put enough time in between my thoughts and the binge I was contemplating...that I avoided the binge altogether. Awesome tool. Thank you so much!"

"Far and away the best app I have used. I cannot express my gratitude at now being able to control my food cravings by learning to face the real issues that had me running to the fridge at midnight."

"I've tried every diet there is. Some would work for a month or two, but the cravings NEVER went away. Sure enough, I always put back on the weight, plus some. The pocket hunger coach stopped my cookie cravings after about two weeks of using it. Where has this been all my life!"

"Let's cut the the facts: diets don't work. And we crave certain foods, not because we need them, but because the feeling they give us distracts us from what's really bothering us. It wasn't till I started using this app that I realized my not wanting to confront my husband was the reason I'd sit up late with a pint of ben & jerry's. Thank you, Dr. Gould for changing my life. Seriously."