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Roger Gould, M.D.
Education and training


Education and Training
  • Undergraduate; University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1955
  • Northwestern Medical School in Chicago, AOA, 1959
  • Psychiatric Training at UCLA included Master's degree in Public Health, 1965
Career Highlights
  • U.S. Army Psychiatrist, Ft. Polk, LA
  • Board Certified Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst
  • Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, UCLA
  • Head of outpatient and community Psychiatry, UCLA
  • Jury selection in Pentagon papers case
  • Consultant for Department of Defense
  • Principal in Bingham Foundation Study of Adult Development and Self Help Psychotherapy
  • Started Interactive Health Systems online
  • Project with Erik Erikson on Love and Work
  • Author of psychiatric textbook chapter on Adult Development
  • Honored by the Smithsonian as a pioneer in the use of computers in mental health
  • Created the Therapeutic Learning Program
  • Created the Mastering My Life Program
  • Created the Shrink Yourself online program for emotional eating
  • Created the My Virtual Shrink online program
  • Shrink Yourself, John Wiley and Sons Inc., 2007
  • Transformations: Growth and Change in Adult Life, Simon and Schuster, 1979
Publications (partial list)
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Praise for Dr. Gould's book
"Obesity is an epidemic in America, and numerous experts have tried to identify its causes. Drawing on his background in psychiatry, Roger Gould makes a major contribution to our understanding of it by identifying the basic emotions that give rise to unhealthy eating habits and offering a manageable step-by-step program for readers to combat it."

—Senator Edward M. Kennedy