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Weight Loss and Control:
Uncover 5 Ways Food is
Controlling You with Our
Emotional Eating Diagnostic

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What are your reasons for using food as a coping mechanism?
Part of me wants to keep eating the way I do because...

 food is my best friend and I don't think I can give up eating the way I do.

 when life gets too stressful food provides a quick fix.

 my life would be too intense without eating what I want.

 I just love junk food and the feeling it gives me.

 eating less would make me feel too deprived.

 since I can't be perfect it feels like there's no point to dieting.

 it feels like I need the reward of food to be happy.

 food feels like my protection.

 I don't want anybody or anything to stop me from eating what I want.

 I have too many frustrations and food lets me feel in control.
What strong emotions are you trying to cope with by using food?
When I think of giving up food for comfort, I feel...

 something terrible will happen.

 it's almost a feeling of panic, as if I am going to lose part of myself.

 so overwhelmed I won't be able to function.

 I would be too depressed without sweets, chocolate, or snacks.

 so lonely it would be unbearable without food to make me feel better.

 food is one of the only things that can keep me occupied when I'm bored.

 so sad and depressed I don't know whether I will get out of bed.

 my anger will be right out on the surface and too much to handle.

 so critical of myself I need food to get rid of my negative feelings.

 my frustrations will eat me up.

What problems in living does food help you cope with?
Food helps me...

 tolerate being single.

 deal with an unsatisfying relationship.

 get through the day at work.

 stop feeling empty inside.

 feel rewarded when I take care of everyone.

 deal with my regrets about my unfulfilled potential.

 protect myself from unwanted sexual attention.

 to get back at someone.

 excuse myself from challenging myself.

 feel better when I'm lonely.

 quiet my inner-critic.

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