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Weight Loss and Control:
Roger Gould, MD's Weekly Blog
on Emotional Eating

Knowledge is power.
Understanding why you turn to food is the key to changing it. Join in the discussion each week as Dr. Gould shares his valuable insights from over 30-years of clinical experience.

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How "All or None" Thinking Keeps You Fat


There are many reasons why Emotional Eaters turn to food when feeling overwhelmed or oppressed by life. The most persistent reason is related to family roles adopted early in life that have not been modified or updated to adult standards. A common role that is taken on, is taking responsibility for making Everything all right, and fixing Everyone in family. It is usually the most sensitive person in the family who gets stuck with this impossible task.

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Overeaters: How Uncovering Your True Will Can Break the Habit


You may be asking yourself, what is my "True Will" and how do I find it?

First, you have to recognize that your obsession with food is a symptom of being stuck in an endless willpower battle between your Conscious Will to diet and your Unconscious Will to overeat. In order to resolve this conflict, you need to get in touch with what your True Self really wants and needs.

One way to start reconnecting to your innate healthy self, is to NOT let your own critical voice, that second guesses everything you do or don't do, have the last word. You need to accept and appreciate that, like everyone else, you are not perfect and that you have always been imperfect. Once you accept and embrace your imperfections, you will realize you have been doing the best you can and you can start to forgive yourself for what you did not know, and/or for the mistakes you (or others) have made in the past.

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Overeaters: Finding Your Hidden Will Power


How many times have you had this thought?
"I have no willpower when it comes to food!"

Well it's not true. You have plenty of will power. You have a determination to lose weight by dieting, and you have probably spent thousands of hours exercising that "will." But there is something else you are determined to do, and that is to avoid certain feelings and thoughts about yourself that bother you. This other "will" mandates that you eat to stuff down those feelings. In that sense, you have too much will power and you are out of balance when it comes to food.

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Overeaters: Facing Fear and Failure to Break the Habit


We've firmly established that in order to "cure" yourself of a food obsession, you have to do some personal development work, i.e. reinventing some part of yourself. It is always liberating to learn new qualities and skills. No one, who has ever grown and found deeper parts of themselves, has ever said they were sorry they did it. Although it may feel scary at times, growing from new behavior has life long positive benefits.

So why is it that what seems so right and natural, is also seen as something dangerous and impossible? It is true that whatever is avoided tends to grow dangerous in the dark recesses of your imagination. If you have been avoiding growth by interrupting it with compulsive or binge eating, then whatever you have avoided has grown to monstrous proportions inside your mind. The longer you avoid it, the more frightening it becomes to look at. I can assure you that there is nothing to fear and everything to gain. Even though, some of your emotions may be telling you a different story.

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Reinventing Yourself to Cure Overeating


There is a continuous process that takes place between your body, your brain and your mind. Your brain sends out messages in the form of sensations, feelings and thoughts that demand your mind to "think" about, in order to sort them and figure out how to respond. Emotional eating is a way of interrupting this crucial conversation.

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