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Weight Loss and Control:
Roger Gould, MD's Weekly Blog
on Emotional Eating

Knowledge is power.
Understanding why you turn to food is the key to changing it. Join in the discussion each week as Dr. Gould shares his valuable insights from over 30-years of clinical experience.

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Overeaters: Uncovering the Origin of Your Food Obsession in Order to Break it


Every time I see a new patient come into my office with a food obsession, I am reminded of how durable the obsession is, and how difficult it is for the person to see what is really going on. From a therapist's perspective, what I am about to describe may sound obvious. However, the person who is struggling with the food obsession is practically blind, when it comes to seeing the source of the obsession.

A woman in her 50's came to see me after reading my book. She is an educated and intelligent woman who has a small profitable business and is happily married, with an adult son and four grand children. However, she was feeling totally desperate.

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Overcoming Self Doubt Takes Practice


Everyone struggles with self doubt, but when you have been using emotional eating to run away from your doubts, you have harmed yourself in ways that you could not have anticipated. When you run away from self doubts they become stronger and last longer.

However, once you have learned how to deal with your self doubts in a new way, there is a real surprise. You actually release a very exciting part of yourself, a new passion or a new competency or a new attitude toward life. It is really quite wonderful and a big bonus to add to controlling your weight and ending your obsession with food.

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How Does Doubt Make YOU Eat?


We've looked at how marriage makes you eat and how rebellion makes you eat. Today I want to write about how doubt makes you eat. Of course none of these actually MAKE you eat. However, each of them tempt you to respond by eating, because each in their own way make you feel temporarily powerless. And for some reason, eating makes you feel better and in control.

The type of doubt that I am talking about is not doubt about whether something is true or not. It is not doubt about another person's motives or interests. And it's not doubt about how the world works or whether God exists. It's doubt about your own self worth.

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What Makes YOU Eat Too Much?


The fact is that ANY life frustration can be the trigger that makes you eat too much. And what makes you eat too much one day will be different than what makes you eat too much on another day. This can be disappointing if you are hoping to find and fix that ONE trigger that explains it all.

It could be rebellion, self doubt, marriage, guilt, or perfectionism that triggers you to overeat and or binge. But if you look closer at yourself there IS something that ties it all together. It is not out there where things happen to you. It is inside you. The common denominator is the way YOUR mind and body responds to the frustrating triggers of a complex life.

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Reprogramming Your Brain


This is what a patient told me the other day...

"I feel like I have had a head transplant. My cravings are gone, my obsession with food and weight which I have had for over thirty years, is gone. I have such mental clarity now, I can't believe the fog I have been living in all these years. And I am losing weight without even trying, and I'm not even dieting."

Did she have a head transplant? Not exactly, but she was "cured" of her obsession with food, and when relieved from the burden of that preoccupation, her mind was able to expand instead of her waistline.

I have been talking about this for years in my book and in the Shrink Yourself program. The weight problem, the reason most people come to our site, can only be mastered AFTER the obsession with food is gone. I have hesitated to call this a "cure" because everyone is not cured at the same rate. However, for those who are rid of their obsession with food, it seems like a miracle, it feels like a head transplant.

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