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Weight Loss and Control:
Roger Gould, MD's Weekly Blog
on Emotional Eating

Knowledge is power.
Understanding why you turn to food is the key to changing it. Join in the discussion each week as Dr. Gould shares his valuable insights from over 30-years of clinical experience.

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How to Finally Lose Weight in the New Year


It seems the whole world is finally getting hip to the fact that the missing link to successful weight loss is psychological. It's not about the right diet, pill, program or surgery. It's not about willpower. It's simply about understanding why you eat and what you're really hungry for. The New Year's issue of People magazine this year focuses on the emotional and psychological hurdles that people had to overcome to lose half their overall weight. In fact, as the foremost authority on Emotional Eating Dr. Gould contributed tips to this issue. And Oprah in the January issue of O magazine said, "What I've learned this year is that my weight issue isn't about eating less or working out harder, or even about a malfunctioning thyroid. It's about my life being out of balance, with too much work and not enough play, not enough time to calm down."

Therefore if one of your New Year's Resolutions is to have this be the year that you actually lose the weight you want, commit to understanding yourself better and being kinder to yourself. Losing weight starts with loving yourself. The following list doesn't cost you anything and the benefits are priceless.

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Does TV Make You Overeat?


Researchers at the University of Maryland found the one activity unhappy people do more than happy people is watch TV. And if you're unhappy, not only are you watching more TV, but you might also be emotionally eating to deal with your unhappiness. It's no wonder that so many people report that overeating and TV watching go hand-in-hand.

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Don't Fall Into Old Familiar Patterns During the Holiday Season


The Holidays are a time of ritual and tradition. We sing the same songs. Put out the same menorah or hang the same ornaments on the tree. And eat the same foods. So much of the beauty is the familiarity and the routine. However, some of these cyclical things that happen every year might not be things you look forward to. You could experience the same binges, the same overeating, the same fights, the same struggles in your family dynamic and the same expectation and disappointment.

How can you start to change the negative patterns while holding on to the rituals that you love so much?

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Oprah's Struggle with Overeating: What Does that Mean for You?


In yesterday's online version of People magazine it announced the theme of Oprah's January issue of O: Oprah has "fallen off the wagon." Oprah has gained forty pounds hitting the 200-pound mark. I'm writing about this for a number of reasons none of which are to celebrate Oprah's struggle but rather help you find compassion for her and for yourselves. Like so many of us Americans, her height and weight now make her officially obese. Let's look at the things that she said in the article and what they mean for you:

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Overspending & Overeating: What's the Connection?


Did you ever notice that the holidays are often a time when your
body gets heavier and your burden of debt gets heavier, too? There
is a direct correlation between overeating and overspending and no
time like the holiday season for this to flare up. Americans (and
many other Western Cultures) are consumers; we're consumers of food
making us the heaviest people in the world and we're consumers of
goods making us the most in debt in the world. You don't become obese
over night and you don't get in debt over night either. These two
things take time and a recurrence of practicing the same habits over
and over again. Both of these issues are ignited by choosing
immediate gratification over long-term peace and happiness. What it
will take to lose weight is not that different from what it will take
to get out of debt. Here's how you do it:

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