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on Emotional Eating

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5 Reasons Your Partner Makes You Fat


Human Beings turn to food to fill them up when they're empty. This happens when they're biologically hungry but it also happens when they're emotionally hungry. Emotional Eating is the number one reason that diets fail. One area where many people fall short in their level of satisfaction is in their romantic lives.

Read below to determine if your relationship issues could be affecting your weight.

1. They don't provide sweetness, so you look for it somewhere else.

Not to be so literal about things but human beings crave sweetness in life. When asking for affection, lovers say to each other, "give me some sugar." In a recent study, Rats preferred sugar to cocaine. The sweetness that you long for is love, tenderness, sex, and affection. Oftentimes, when partners fall short of proving those things, people look to sweets instead. If you're missing the "sugar" in your relationship some of your weight gain could be related.

2. There's something you want to say but you stuff it in with food.

Expressing how you feel in a way that is effective is challenging even for the most mature and evolved people. Many people keep their feelings bottled up. A recent study published in The New York Times revealed how detrimental it is to women's health to keep their emotions inside. Food can be the perfect aid to keeping words inside. People have even said that they "shove food in to keep angry words from coming out." If you're afraid to express yourself you could be keeping your unspoken words down with food.

3. You eat to keep them company.

Many people work different schedules. A woman might eat with her children at 5:00 PM and then eat again with her partner when they get home from work a few hours later. Maybe you don't want to feel left out or you don't want your partner to eat alone. There are other ways to keep them company. You can have a tea or coffee. And remember, if you're not busy chewing, you get to do most of the talking while they listen and eat.

4. They have a different metabolism than you - and you resent it.

Your partner may be able to eat whatever they want and not gain a pound, while you simply look at food and gain ten pounds. This is unfair but a reality of life. People have different metabolisms. Don't use someone else's biological make-up to make yourself feel cheated. Part of growing up is realizing that we all work in different ways and need different things to thrive.

5. You eat to get back at them.

When you see it on paper it might not make sense but many people eat things to punish their partners. They know that their partner wants them to lose weight and they're not giving in. Eating is the way they assert their independence or punish a partner for bad behavior.

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Sugar, More Addictive Than Cocaine.


In the Los Angeles Times on Saturday November 10th there was an article (Denise Gellene) about the addictive nature of sugar. One of the members of our community shared this article with me and I think it's so important so I'm going to share it with you.
Researchers have learned that rats overwhelmingly prefer water sweetened with saccharin to cocaine, a finding that demonstrates the addictive potential of sweets.

Offering larger doses of cocaine did not alter the rats' preference for saccharin, according to the report.

Scientists said the study, presented this week in San Diego at the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, might help explain the rise in human obesity, which has been driven in part by an over consumption of sugary foods.

In the experiment, 43 rats were placed in cages with two levers, one of which delivered an intravenous does of cocaine and the other a sip of highly sweetened water. At the end of the 15-day trial, 40 of the rat consistently chose saccharin instead of water.

When sugar water was substituted for the saccharin solution the results were the same, researchers said.

Further testing subjected 24 cocaine-addicted rats to a similar trial. At the end of 10 days, the majority of them preferred saccharin.

"Intense sweetness is more rewarding to the rats than cocaine," said coauthor Magalie Lenoir of the University of Bordeaux in France. 'Excess sugar could increase levels of the brain chemical dopamine, leading to a craving for sweets," she said.

Lenoir said mammalian taste receptors evolved in an environment that lacked sugar and so were not adapted to the high concentrations of sweets found in the modern diet. Excess sugar could increase levels of dopamine, she said, leading to a craving for sweet.

Cocaine also increases dopamine, she said, but through a different brain mechanism.

Sweets beg you to eat more sweets. By eliminating sugar (and sugar substitutes) you can lose a great deal of weight. The cravings will be bad at first but I can attest to the fact that after about two weeks they go away completely.

Lessons Learned on Halloween (for Next Year)


If you are like me, you've probably eaten a few more Halloween candies than you wanted to but less than you ate last year or the year before that.

Here are a few ideas to help you (from myself and other Shrink Yourself members) next year.

1. If you have trick or treaters that come to your home buy a type of candy that you know kids would like but that you're not tempted to eat. Rather than getting Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Almond Joys get Spongebob Gummies and Extra Sour Candies.

2. At our house we implement something called the Switch Witch. My son gets about 10 lbs. (I kid you not) of candy from Trick or Treating. He can eat 10 pieces on Halloween night. He can save 10 pieces for after Halloween. Then the rest gets put out on the porch where "the switch witch" takes it and trades it for a toy, or dvd, or game. This saves us every day negotiations about how much candy can be eaten and saves me late night rummaging in his candy bag. As for the candy, it gets given away to someone who is not tempted by the idea of having pounds of candy in their home.

Diet and Cancer Report


The world cancer research fund has issued a report on the links between diet and cancer. Their vision is to help people make choices that reduce their chances of developing cancer. The findings of their study were quite significant. While smoking cessation is the biggest preventer of cancer (30%). It is followed up by weight loss. If you lose weight, even as little as ten pounds, you begin to reduce your risk of getting cancer by 20%.

Leaving behind all of the cosmetic reasons to lose weight, this study proves how important weight loss is to cancer prevention.

Losing weight not only makes you look and feel better but can prevent illness. If you're on our site, you already know that losing weight is not as simple as it sounds. Understanding and overcoming emotional eating is the missing link you've been looking for to lose weight for the rest or your life and for healthy living.

To read the full report: