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How To Look Good Naked


Most of you know that I don't have television.

Luckily, some things find you. Yesterday, I watched a screener of How to Look Good Naked, Lifetime's new reality show. It is a terrific show for people attempting to lose weight to watch.

I have always said that, "you don't get happy when you lose the weight, you find your happiness and then you're able to take loving actions towards yourself like eating right and exercising." This show will help you do that. It's remarkable.

I was moved to tears by how much we women shame ourselves for not looking like the pictures we see in magazines (by the way, I worked at an advertising agency where I literally watched our art directors thin arms and thighs and remove cellulite from photos of celebrities we spend our time wishing we looked like) and in doing so, we fail to see how lovely we already are.

It's fine to want to lose weight (it is undeniably healthier to exercise and eat well) but please, do it as an act of love for the wonderful, beautiful person you already are as opposed to doing it so you can be accepted by a perfection-obsessed society.

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Happy New Year!


Everyone has the New Year's Resolution to take better care of themselves.

This year be slow and steady about it rather than looking for a quick fix.

Even Weight Watchers is suggesting to go on a Diet Diet - take a break from dieting and make a permanent change in your lives.

One way to help yourself is to consider the people around you. This study published in the New York Times

suggests that people gain weight in groups and lose weight in groups. Your friends bodies actually determine what yours looks like.

This doesn't mean you should cut off your overweight friends but it might help if you make a pact with the people around you to help each other keep your promises in the New Year. Go on walks together instead
of meeting for lunch, cook healthy food for one another, etc.

Support is an essential component to making changes.