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Weight Loss and Control:
Roger Gould, MD's Weekly Blog
on Emotional Eating

Knowledge is power.
Understanding why you turn to food is the key to changing it. Join in the discussion each week as Dr. Gould shares his valuable insights from over 30-years of clinical experience.

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How Stress Gets You Into a Rut that Makes You Overeat


When you fall into a habit of overeating, does it feel like it gets easier to keep repeating that undesirable behavior? One binge will lead to three. One bout of late night emotional eating can lead to a whole week of late night emotional eating. If it feels that way, it's because that is actually what happens. When we get into a rut, it becomes easier to stay in that rut.

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The Devil You Know


On Saturday in The Los Angeles Times there was an article about the law that New York is proposing that fast food restaurants post the calorie contents of foods next to them on the menu. If you knew the triple cheeseburger with extra bacon you were about to eat had 1,200 calories would it deter you from eating it? Or would it make you just feel more guilty for eating it?

How To Look Good Naked


Most of you know that I don't have television.

Luckily, some things find you. Yesterday, I watched a screener of How to Look Good Naked, Lifetime's new reality show. It is a terrific show for people attempting to lose weight to watch.

I have always said that, "you don't get happy when you lose the weight, you find your happiness and then you're able to take loving actions towards yourself like eating right and exercising." This show will help you do that. It's remarkable.

I was moved to tears by how much we women shame ourselves for not looking like the pictures we see in magazines (by the way, I worked at an advertising agency where I literally watched our art directors thin arms and thighs and remove cellulite from photos of celebrities we spend our time wishing we looked like) and in doing so, we fail to see how lovely we already are.

It's fine to want to lose weight (it is undeniably healthier to exercise and eat well) but please, do it as an act of love for the wonderful, beautiful person you already are as opposed to doing it so you can be accepted by a perfection-obsessed society.

It's Not Just What You Eat That Makes You Fat: It's What You Drink


For some emotional eaters the thing that they reach for when they
need relief or reward is not food, but drinks (especially for people
that have had Lap Band Surgery). Maybe you reach for a caramel latte
or a coke.

Read this article and reconsider the cost of what you drink.

Click here to read the article.

How Stress Makes You Flabby


Studies are starting to prove what we at Shrink Yourself have been
trying to tell you all along: Stress Makes You Flabby.

In a recent study rats who were under stress but ate the same diet as
other rates, gained weight. Simply put, when you're stressed out
there are hormones produced in the body that make you hold onto extra
weight, especially in the abdomen. To read the full article that
appeared in Sunday's Parade Magazine, click here.

So, the obvious question is how can you reduce your stress. Here are
a few ways:

1. Don't Bury Feelings
2. Get Support
3. Learn to Say, "No" Instead of Over Extending Yourself (By the way,
"No." is a complete sentence - you don't need to explain)
4. Meditate (for more information about meditating - come back later
this week to read about the best meditation for weight loss)

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