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Weight Loss and Control:
Roger Gould, MD's Weekly Blog
on Emotional Eating

Knowledge is power.
Understanding why you turn to food is the key to changing it. Join in the discussion each week as Dr. Gould shares his valuable insights from over 30-years of clinical experience.

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Never Binge Again


Never binging again is possible but the biggest mistake that people who binge make is saying to themselves, "I'll never binge again!" Yet, we all do it. The food is finished and then we promise ourselves that it will never happen again. Even though almost everyone that binges says that to themselves, it sets you up for self-hatred, guilt and failure. You see, no one that ends a pattern of binging does it cold turkey. You don't decide to stop and then never binge again. It's just not how ending a pattern of binging works. That's because the binge serves a very important purpose. It makes you feel better emotionally. So, if you're committed to never binging again what are the signs along the way the signify that you're succeeding:

*More time between binges (even something small for example, I used to binge every other day and now only do it every third day)
*Shorter binges (My binges used to last two days, now they only last an hour)
*Binges on smaller amounts of food (I used to eat a gallon of ice-cream, now I eat half a pint)
*The ability to stop a binge in the middle (I used to not even realize I was having a binge till it was over, now I can stop myself in the middle)
*Forgiving yourself more quickly after a binge ends (I don't talk to myself in a mean way when I binge, I have compassion for myself)
*Bouncing back more quickly when a binge happens (in other words recommitting to understanding and stopping your binge pattern)
*Understanding what feelings set off the binge (I was able to see that I had the binge after I had a fight with my boss)
*The ability to see a binge coming (even if you can't stop it yet)

Being able to acknowledge the small successes along the way is a really important step on the road to recovery. It can be all too easy to see how far you still need to go and forget how far you've already come. Ending a binge pattern is hard work but you can do it. One day you might not binge at all but it won't happen by making a declaration, it will happen by being loving to yourself and staying aware. So, don't say, "I'll never binge again." Instead, take it one gentle step at a time. Remember, you're looking for progress, not perfection.

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Put It on Paper


All of us have good intentions that don't ever get fulfilled.

Weeks pass by and we don't keep the promises that we make to ourselves. The garage doesn't get cleaned. We don't exercise. We don't eat right. We don't sit down and play that board game with our kids (with cellphones muted).

You might call it laziness. You might call it self-sabotage. You might call it lack of discipline or willpower. Whatever you call it, here's a helpful hint to make it (whatever it is for you) happen this week...put it on paper.

You'd be amazed what gets done when you make a to-do list or keep a schedule. It gives us great satisfaction when we can tick things off on a to-do list. And schedules make us feel safe. One of our members was awe-struck at how well her week went after sitting down Sunday night and writing down the meals she was going to eat and the days she was going to exercise (she even added in when she was allowed an indulgence and what that indulgence would be).

So, this week try putting something on paper - and see how much easier it is to stick to it.

For Shrink Yourself members...

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Oscar Snacks


People who are trying to make good food choices keep asking, "What can I snack on while I watch the oscars?"

Here are some suggestions:

Baby carrots with salsa.
Dried apple rings.
Celery filled with low-fat laughing cow cheese.
Grilled chicken skewers.
Apples and Brie wrapped in smoked turkey.
A box of clementines (they're in season now).
Air-popped popcorn.

Just to name a few.

Feel free to add to this list by clicking on comments below.

Prepare for Valentine's Day


Let the Love Begin Today

"When I lose the weight I'll...." fill in the blank. Dress more fashionably, have better sex, flirt, enjoy my own company. We know you have a running list of your own.

Valentine's Day can be a day to dread. If you have a partner, it can be a day of high expectations followed by big disappointments. If you're single the day can exaggerate your loneliness and inflate your longing. If you still haven't lost the weight you want to lose, these feelings can be even worse. And what do all those feelings (coupled with easy access to chocolate) do? They lead you to overeat. So, what's the answer?

You can let the love begin today. This Valentine's Day, be your own valentine (whether or not you have a lover in your life). Everyone hates being told to love themselves first and yet there's some truth to that old cliché. When you remember that you're a unique person then every breath of a cardiovascular workout is a way to nurture your precious heart, a heart that keeps the irreplaceable you alive. Eating healthy food changes from an act of deprivation to an act of adoration—for yourself. These choices become the everyday ways you express love for yourself.

If you can predict the problems of Valentine's Day (or any other feared day), you can prevent them.

If you're partnered:

• Be explicit with your beloved about what you want. Set them up to win and then be thankful (we think it won't feel as good if we have to ask for what we want but you'd be surprised).
• If the day is generally celebrated with decadent food and desserts make plans to do something else instead (a shared bath or a moonlit walk).
• If you've been withholding sex because your weight makes you feel unattractive, conjure up a moment in your mind when you felt good about yourself, and use that memory to ignite a seduction. Remember that voluptuous women from Marilyn Monroe to Camryn Manheim to Queen Latifah simply know how to use their size and sexuality to their advantage.

If you're single:
• Give yourself the gift of a sensual pleasure (a massage, a pedicure, a restorative yoga class).
• Plan something fun with another single friend (for years I went to a fancy restaurant with my best friend followed by a rented movie – in those years I never felt sad to be without a date).
• Make Valentine's cards (for your single friends and one for yourself, too).

In short, don't wait for that someday when you lose the weight to start loving yourself or letting people love you. Start today. When you are full of love, you don't look for food nearly as much. This Valentine's Day we give you permission to binge but let it be a binge on love.

Chair Yoga: Soothe Yourself Right in Your Seat


One less reason to make an excuse about exercise.

Here is a great FREE online instructional about how to do yoga in a chair.

You can reap all the benefits of yoga even if you have mobility issues.

Take a look:

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